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smlogo About Y.K Wong  
Mr. Wong demonstrating a hsing i movement. The owner and sole instructor, Y. K. Wong, is a native of southern China. Mr. Wong has over 50 years' experience in martial arts. He has appeared on local tv and in various newspapers. He belongs to a sixth generation Chinese medical family and spent his childhood steeping himself in traditional Chinese culture. Mr. Wong is a graduate of Taiwan University and the University of Florida, where he studied genetics, physiology, and nutrition. He specializes in
  • pain relief and rehabilitation after injury
  • moderate exercise for optimum health
  • traditional Chinese martial arts — including Sung style tai chi, chi kung, hsing i, i chuan, hop chuan, yik gun ging, etc.
Y.K. Wong has been teaching students at his current location in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, since 1991. Previously, he lived and taught in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Sung Tai Chi

Sung style Tai Chi is a branch of WuDang martial arts. During the Ming dynasty seven Taoist practitioners journeyed to the famous WuDang mountain. They studied Taoist philosophy and also WuDang martial arts under Zhang San Feng, a somewhat mysterious figure in Chinese history to whom the invention of tai chi is attributed. One of the seven practitioners was named Sung. The Sung family style of tai chi originated in this way, although it did not spread widely in China until the end of the Qing dynasty, when Sung Siu Ming became well-known.

Mr. Wong demonstrating a tai chi movement
Mr. Wong demonstrating a tai chi movement Tai Chi Theory

Tai chi theory is part Taoist philosophy, part traditional Chinese martial arts. Taoist philosophy emphasizes the quality of being natural. One should be in harmony with Nature, and the mind and body should work together harmoniously. For health purposes, one's practice should be floating like water. For self-defense, one's practice should build up strength, like water behind a dam that can be released by opening a gate. One should neutralize the opponent's force and find a way to throw him off balance and defeat him.