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smlogoHealth Philosophy & Treatment

Running water never gets stuck;
still water stinks.

Circulation in our body follows the same natural principle.
If blood circulation gets stuck, sickness will follow.

  Our systematic approach offers a balanced fitness program for professionals.

Doctors and medicine are your best companion when you are in a situation of critical health...
However, how to maintain your good health relies completely on your own effort...

As a professional, I believe that the structure of our society and sickness created by our occupations have a dramatic effect on our health, daily activities, and even on our lives.

Learning to maintain good health is the main concern in your line of professional work, considering these times of soaring health care costs. Serious illness or accident could create a major financial drain on your resources, possibly to the extent of causing an economic disaster.

As more and more of the key workers continue to get sick, many problems will be created such as management problems and time loss, meaning money loss. Often certain sicknesses such as backaches, headaches, muscle pains, incoordination, and the lack of blood circulation can lead to minor or major injuries, accidents, etc., which could have been avoided by proper daily exercises.

The physical portion of this program is based on ancient Chinese martial arts—standing post meditation, tai chi, and chi kung—with various forms suitable for individual needs. The benefits of our program include the following:

  1. Physical
    • Muscle FlexibilityStrengthSensibility
    • Balance
    • Improved CirculationBlood PressureArthritis Prevention
    • Heartbeat
    • RelaxationStress ReliefDepression PreventionGood Sleep
    • Concentration
    • Supplement for people who need the right kind of exercise after major medical treatment
  2. Self-Defense

There are a few important questions regarding exercise: When you exercise, first thing is, what kind of exercise? For example, working out at the gym is good for football players, but what if you sit at a desk all day? You may get a negative result from going to the gym. Then you need to know if the procedure is proper. Even if the exercise is right, the wrong procedure can still bring negative results. A common response from most people is, "I don't have time. I'm too busy." The reality is that they only find time once they are lying in a hospital bed. Just think about it: work is never-ending, until you kick the bucket. Health is your most treasured asset. Take the time to take care of your body, and your body will allow you to fulfill all your responsibilities and enjoy your life.

If our philosophy makes sense to you, join our classes! Group rates are available. Contact us at 404-542-4043.

What can you expect when you come to my office with questions about a pain problem? I provide instruction in exercise and meditation to help you improve your circulation and recover more quickly. My method is based on classic acupuncture theory, but I use no needles. It is different from massage and pressure point therapy. My treatment activates your body’s own repair system to fix your problems. During the initial consultation I can determine if your pain problem will respond to my treatment. Each session lasts about 45 minutes and can be scheduled by telephone. There are many causes of pain. There may be inflammation of ligaments, muscles, or tendons; fresh or old injury and lingering inflammation; and/or stress. A lot of research has been done on the effects of stress in recent years, and now people are aware of the mind-body relationship. Psychology affects physiology and vice versa. An effective treatment activates your body’s own healing instinct. Your brain will direct the healing procedure. It is important to remember that nature heals —any medicine or treatment slows down the problem to give your body time to heal. Nine out of ten martial arts practitioners will get injured, according to Chinese folk wisdom. In old times and up to the time I began learning martial arts, we learned how to handle pain and injury before we started training. Nowadays things are a little different. . . . I gained medical knowledge from my family and then I researched and practiced on my own. I started helping people repair their injuries when I was in my twenties; now I’ve reached retirement age. After that many years of research into both Western and Eastern medical concepts I have developed a niche method of addressing pain issues to help people achieve significant results. I am still doing it and enjoy helping others, including those who think their case is hopeless. Proper exercise maintains your good health after you recover from an injury. A little bit of time on a daily basis will help prevent many problems that would otherwise sap your time and money. Promoting proper exercise is my way of giving back to society. If you suffer from physical pain or need a second opinion, call me at 770-938-8227 to make an appointment. Watch. Ask. Listen. Check the vital signs. Traditional Chinese medical concepts still make sense today. One of my most important services when you consult me about a pain issue is to help you discover the source of your pain. During your initial evaluation I need to learn about your daily activities so I can educate you about the effects they have on your body. Many people are unaware of the damage repeated actions can cause. Tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome are common examples of repetitive injuries. The longer the problem persists, the worse it becomes: “What if it’s serious?” “What if I need surgery?” The stress of pain and injury blocks your body’s natural healing process; however, if you are still functioning somewhat and moving around, the situation is not that dire. If your spinal cord is seriously damaged then you can’t move and no one can stand that kind of pain.

The importance of clearing your mind so that you can marshall your own resources is frequently overlooked when dealing with health and pain issues. The severity of a problem can be increased when a person in a position of authority tells you there is nothing you can do except something drastic (e.g., surgery). Your disturbed mind and constant worry will stress your body, making your problem worse or even leading to all-over body pain. Relying on my years of experience I can share an opinion as to whether the damage is reparable. Through the practice of nonreligious meditation you can clear your mind and view your problem more objectively. Meditation is an ancient practice that has been used for the purpose of calming the mind by medical practitioners, religious practitioners, and martial artists, among others. It breaks the cycle of extreme emotions, such as too sad or too angry